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Payments and Donations

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With the Spirit at our side, and mindful of the Blessed Mother, we follow God's will and the teachings of Jesus Christ,  especially  through Sunday Worship and the care of parishioners for one another and by connecting life and faith on a regular basis.

It is part of our Mission as the believing community of Our Lady Queen of Peace to care for each other, to work together to meet the spiritual, material, educational and formation needs of all members of the parish.  We accomplish this by sharing our time, talent and treasure.  Our facilities, our organizations, our many programs all exist for the good of the people of the parish.  To be successful as a parish, to be successful in living our parish mission, we need the cooperation and contributions of all our members.  Listed here are ways in which you can make our parish a success and offer your care and support for our fellow parishioners through financial contributions.

Online Payments

As a convenience to our parishioners, Our Lady Queen of Peace has established a means for you making payments and regular contributions online.  The service uses advanced encrypted security features, so that using the service is safe.  You can access this service by following the link below.  That link will take you to the secure server where you can set up your account.  With your account, you can specify regular deductions from your bank account or charges to your credit card, or you can log on to make individual payments and contributions.  At any time, you can change your payment options or cancel use of the service.  There is no cost to you for this service.

With the service, you will be able to:

  • Make your regular Church contribution
  • Pay PSR and Preschool tuition
  • Pay PSR and Preschool fees
  • Contribute to special funds and collections

To get started, simply choose which accounts you wish to pay, add them to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and you will be prompted for your identification and banking information. If you have any questions, call Jan Schultheiss at the Parish Office, (636) 671-3062.

Link to online payment

How to set up online payment account

In addition to the Electronic Offertory Program, Our Lady Queen of Peace also offers parishioners the opportunity to use the traditional collection envelopes.  If you would like to have envelopes mailed to you, please contact Linda Berg in the parish office - (636) 671-3062.

More Ways to Help the Parish

Great Lakes Scrip Program

The Great Lakes Scrip program is a shopping program that assists not-for-profit organizations such as churches, schools, athletic groups and scout troops to generate much needed funds. Instead of using cash, when you shop, you use certificates purchased online.  The program returns an average of 4%, and up to 12% on some purchases, to the parish without charging you any more for what you buy.  Using this program is a great way to help our parish live our mission of caring for the needs of each other.  Scrip vouchers make great gifts and can be used for regular use family shopping.  The vouchers/certificates are available immediately for printing right from home - there's no wait to take delivery.

To use the scrip program, log on to:

https://www.shopwithscrip.com/ and enter the parish code - DD9146F328126 - when you set up your account.  Follow the link below to learn how to set up your account.

Set up a Great Lakes Account

List of Participating Merchants


Smile Amazon

Are you one of the many people who shop on Amazon?  Amazon has recently initiated a new program that pays 1% of the purchase price of qualifying items to the charity/non-profit of your choice - and there are very few items that don't qualify!  Our Lady Queen of Peace is listed with Amazon as a supported non-profit organization.  There is no difference in the way you shop at Amazon when you use this program.  You just access Amazon through the SMILE AMAZON link.  All your existing account features and recommendations will be available to you.  When you are logged in for shopping you can select your charity.  You only need to do this once.  Our parish is listed as Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church.  Twice a year, we will receive a donation check from Amazon reflecting 1% of the sales from all who have used the program over the included period of time.




Handyman Raffle

The Handyman Raffle is a program initiated by Greg Benefield, a parishioner, who is willing to donate 8 hours of work a month to benefit the parish.  The raffle is a repeating program.  In each round, 100 tickets are sold at $5.00 each.  When all the tickets are sold, a winner is drawn.  The winners receive 8 hours of repair/improvement work for their households as well as $100 to help with the costs of materials.  Alternately, you can make a donation of $400.00 to the parish and Greg will donate 8 hours of work. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Winners/donors are limited to a maximum of 8 hours of labor.  For projects that cannot be completed within 8 hours, it will be the responsibility of the winner/donor to negotiate with Greg or make other arrangements for finishing the work. 

At the present, Greg is willing to contribute 8 hours of labor each month.  His contribution could serve the needs of 12 families in the parish and add nearly $5,000 to parish revenues each year.

All proceeds from this program are set aside for maintenance and repair of the parish plant. 

For more information on the services Greg can provide or to join him in providing service to the parish, please call Jan in the parish office (636 671-3062)

Bulletin Ad Program

Parishioners can place a non-commercial ad in the parish bulletin.  If you have a usable household appliance or furniture you want to sell, are having a yard sale, are looking for a roommate to share expenses, are looking for used items you can buy, or are looking for household help, and the like, you can place a 3-line (about 21 words) ad in the parish bulletin.  The ad space sells for $10 and must be submitted 10 days before the weekend on which you want it to run.  The ad will appear in the printed bulletin and in the copy of the bulletin posted online each week.  To place an add or for more information, call the parish office at (636) 671-3062).

Magazine Subscriptions

ClassroomFundraiser.com, offers renewal service and new subscriptions for hundreds of popular magazines.  The magazine subscriptions are offered at significant discounts off the cover price and 50% of your purchase price is returned to the parish.  (e.g., TV Guide is offered at 77% off the cover price).  If you like getting magazines delivered to your home, please consider subscribing or renewing your existing subscriptions with this service and help our parish grow.

To participate in this program, visit ClassroomFundraiser.com and enter the parish ID code 1430.

Parish Outreach


In addition to supporting special appeals from Catholic Relief Services, the American Bishops, and the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish sponsors outreach efforts that are particular to our parish and part of our parish history, tradition, and identity.  Our longest standing outreach efforts are support of the Peace Pantry, the local conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Advent Giving Tree Program, and the Lenten Rice Bowl collection.

Peace Pantry

The Peace Pantry is supported by a coalition of local churches and serves those in need in our area by maintaining a food pantry as well as a thrift store stocking clothing and small household items.  Any donation to the Poor Box located in the back of church is divided evenly between the Peace Pantry and our local St. Vincent de Paul conference.  Periodically the parish hosts food drives to support the Pantry.  Additional contributions can be placed in an envelope marked "Peace Pantry" and placed in the Sunday Collection basket.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The local conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for Our Lady Queen of Peace serves anyone who lives within our parish boundaries.  The main assistance given by our conference centers on help with utility bills and help with prescription medications.  For help with other needs, the conference maintains a list of referrals and works with clients to direct them to the services they need.  A help-line to the conference is available by calling the parish office - (636) 671-3062.  This voice mail-box is monitored regularly and a member of the Society will contact all callers usually within 24 hours.  Again, half of the contributions to the Poor Box in the back of the church are given to our local conference to help support their works.  Envelopes for the St. Vincent de Paul Society are provided periodically in the packets mailed to those who use envelopes for their offertory contributions, and a contribution to support the work of the Society can be made at any time by dropping an envelope marked "St. Vincent de Paul" in the Sunday Collection Basket.

Advent Giving Tree

Every year, before Christmas, people living within our parish boundaries can call the parish office to sign-up for the Advent Giving Tree program.  A tree is set up in the vestibule of the church and parishioners can remove ornaments on which the needs of the callers have been written.  They purchase and wrap the items listed and return the wrapped presents for distribution to those in need.  A number of those requesting Christmas help are clients of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Lenten Rice Bowl Collection

Every year the parish supports the Rice Bowl program of Catholic Relief Services, the main outreach arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Cardboard "rice bowls" are made available to families and individuals, who contribute what they can over the Lenten Season.  At Easter time, the "bowls" are returned to the parish and a contribution check is sent to CRS to support their efforts at serving the poor and oppressed worldwide.

More recently, two outreach efforts have been established to allow parish youth to become involved in works of service and share in the outreach efforts of the parish.  These are the St. Vincent de Paul Youth, made up of young people from 13 to 21 years of age, who are also associate members of the local conference and the International Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Hope Builders summer program to provide assistance with home repairs and improvements to those in need in our parish.

St. Vincent de Paul Youth

The St. Vincent de Paul Youth group is, generally, made up of young parishioners from 7th grade through high school.  They are associate members of the International Society.  Twice a year, these young people take up a collection to support the work of our local conference - "Souper Bowl Sunday" on the weekend of the Super Bowl, and a special collection in conjunction with the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul (September 27).  A main goal of the Society is to provide its members with opportunities to carry out direct service to the poor.  Our young people also take part in a number of programs in which they can be more involved with people and not just with taking up a collection - as important as fundraising is.  They collect and deliver household supplies to clients served by Project Plus, a program that provides supported housing for the chronically homeless.  They raise funds and participate in the Advent Giving Tree program, using the funds generated to buy presents for those in need.  They collect funds to help purchase school supplies and participate in the Jefferson County Back to School Fair, distributing school supplies to 700-800 children from low income families.  They are involved with the Homeless Youth Initiative, providing financial support to young people throughout Jefferson County who are homeless and working to finish high school.  They work to supply funding to Casa de Salud, a clinic providing health services to the poor, especially among the immigrant population of the area.  Parishioners can further the outreach efforts of the parish by supporting and contributing to the efforts of the St. Vincent de Paul Youth group.  They can also make direct contributions to the group to support its work by placing an envelope in the Sunday Collection Basket marked "St. Vincent de Paul Youth."

Hope Builders

Hope Builders is a program that takes place each summer.  The young people live together on the campus of Our Lady Queen of Peace for about one week.  Each day, during that week, they go out to help with cleaning and light repairs to people within our parish boundaries who cannot manage these repairs and other tasks on their own - the poor, the elderly, the infirm.  A once-a-year collection is taken up to support each year's program.


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