Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church

4696 Notre Dame Lane
House Springs, MO.  63051
(636) 671-3062

Contact Information

Parish Staff

  • Rev. Dennis Schmidt - Pastor
    Office/Rectory:  (636) 671-3062

  • Deacon Thomas J. Gerling
  • Deacon Paul J. Turek, Sr.

Parish Office Staff

  • Donna Webb - Secretary

  • Jan Schultheiss - Bookkeeper

  • Bev Gregory - Protecting God's Children Coordinator

  • Eric Dennis - Maintenance Supervisor

    Phone: (636) 671-3062
    Fax: (636) 671-0003

Program Directors

  • Mr. John Bonsanti - Parish Religious Education Administrator

    (636) 671-0247
  • Mr. Bob Ellison - Music Director

    (636) 677-5431
  • Mrs. Terry Ostlund - PSR Coordinator

    (636) 677-8945
  • Julie Waggoner - PreSchool Coordinator

    (636) 671-0247
  • Mrs. Terry Ostlund - Children's Liturgy of the Word

    (314) 566-8363
  • Mr. James Bolte - Youth Group
    Office: (636) 671-3062

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Youth Programs


Preschool is an Early Childhood Educational and Religious program for children between the ages of three and five years.  The program provides a learning environment that encourages children to explore, experiment, investigate and enjoy the excitement of learning.  The program promotes activities that allow small children to develop their skills in language, math, science, art and music.  It is designed to promote love and respect for God, ourselves and others, encourage creativity, individuality and constructive thinking, create a learning environment that nurtures student growth, and include activities that address the full developmental range of students.  The program provides practical opportunities for children to learn through play, exploration and active involvement.  A full description of the program is available on the Pre-School Page on the Preschool web site.  For more information, Email Julie Waggoner - PreSchool Coordinator or call (636) 671-0247





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