Skilled Work Volunteers

The Facilities and Maintenance Work Group is a group of parishioners with expertise in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, heating and air conditioning, and the like, who are available for repair and plant improvement projects.

Chair/Contact: Fr. Jim Beighlie

Skilled Work Volunteers
Jim Althoff
Greg Benefield
Leo Bequette
Larry Briggs
Jim Bufka
Ron Copeland
Jeff Eschbach
Michael Fehling
Carol Freihaut
Gary Freihaut
Debbie Fritts
Chris Gross
Bob Hoskins
Jim Jasper
Bill Johnson
Tom Johnson
Michael Jones
Michael Luebbert
Jim Murphy
Michael Peirick
Kevin Schlote
Jim Soer
Tim Soer
Dan Tucker
Joe Turney
David Witt
David Wojcicki