Church Cleaners

The Mission of the Church Cleaners is to maintain a neat and clean environment for parish worship by providing rotating teams of about five workers, each team working one day a month, to dust, vacuum, wash windows and provide other general cleaning and straightening up services. Membership on this committee is open to men and women of all ages.

Chair/Contact: Joanne David

Church Cleaners
Darlene Allmeroth
Carl Boyer
Patsy Boyer
Denice Bufka
Joanne David
Robert De Long
Gail DeGunia
Carol Delue
Margaret Gerling
Theresa Haug
Barbara Hoefer
Sandra Million
Cathy Morlock
Geralyn Peterson
Marie Pratt
Debbie Reeves
Marie Strayhorn
Lawrence Whitworth
Susan Whitworth
Diane Yocom