Proclaimers of the Word are ministers (from teenage to adult) of Godís word. They make announcements, read the scripture readings, and, in the absence of a deacon, proclaim the prayer of the faithful.

Chair/Contact: Don Moeller

Nikki Adams
Dale Andrews
Ken Bohnert
Michael Chiodini
Vicki De Long
Tom Ecker
Jim England
Joanne Fehling
Carol Freihaut
Gary Freihaut
Bruce Gallion
Margaret Gerling
Lawrence Giovanni
Bev Gregory
Mary Heeley
Tom Heeley
John Holmes
Laura Huss
Judith Janos
Peggy Mikko
Dave Mills
Don Moeller
Michelle Mose
Barb Oppelz
Rich Ortmann
Scott Reimer
Helen Salamone
Freida Siebel-Spath
Terry Soer
Maryann Turek
Jo Ann Vess
Maria Webb
Tim Webb