Facilities and Maintenance Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning and Maintenance Oversight Committee works to provide an assessment of needs, evaluation of possible plans, and the formation of an overall plan of action to move the parish towards a final capital campaign to finance a new parish center and school facility and to provide for needed capital improvement to existing facilities. The committee oversees and prioritizes all maintenance work and recruits skilled parishioners for maintenance tasks beyond the expertise of the parish maintenance employees.  With the Fundraising Committee and Finance Council, this committee also has oversight of funds set aside for equipment replacement and major upgrades and repairs.

Fr. Jim Beighlie, C.M.

Facilities and Maintenance Planning Committee Members
Fr. Dennis Schmidt
Greg Benefield
Leo Bequette
Jim Bufka
Debbie Fritts
Rene Heibeck
Rick Mraz
Jim Murphy
Jan Schultheiss
Jim Soer
Tim Soer
Paul Turek