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With the Spirit at our side, and mindful of the Blessed Mother, we follow God's will and the teachings of Jesus Christ,  especially  through Sunday Worship and the care of parishioners for one another and by connecting life and faith on a regular basis.

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Lent 2107

Third Sunday of Lent

Through the prophets, my father told my brothers and sisters, “Learn the meaning of the saying – It is mercy that I want and not sacrifice.” I tried to make this a cornerstone of my mission, my journey home to my father. It didn’t play well.

I tried to show compassion and kindness to a woman in Samaria and my own companions rebuked me for speaking with a foreigner, an outsider. I drove the money-changers out of the temple. The whole system was about buying God’s favor and not about making contributions to serve the needs of all the people. My people began to plot to kill me. I spoke parables about mercy, about giving people a chance to change, to grow, to start again, to learn that they are loved and can be loving, and my brothers and sisters still demanded retribution.

The world hasn’t changed and my journey continues. I like my new companion. His name is Francis. He washed the feet of a Muslim woman and was roundly criticized. He scolded priests for refusing to baptize the babies of unwed mothers. His priests ridiculed him. He shunned the trappings of office in favor living simply and people were offended. He knows the journey is hard, yet he chooses to walk with me anyway.

What do you need to live simply in this world? Can you live with only what you need? Who in this world offend you? Can you show them compassion? Who do you fear? Can you work with them for mutual understanding, respect and peace?

I told you the journey would be hard.
Will you continue to walk with me?

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